Sourcing Philosophy

Hand made with love using local Indochina bespoke fabrics is our philosophy.

Sourced on Indochina’s markets or produced « à la carte » in Lao villages, all fabrics are authentic and natural.

Linen, silk and cotton with natural dye are combined from different parts of Indochina to create modern hues and textures, all chemical free. Produced in limited quantities due to the extensive time needed to create many of the fabrics, each item is unique and carries a spirit of its own.

The combination of raw Lao village’s fabrics together with sophisticated Vietnamese velvet silk from the view of the French designer, creates Anakha’s products.

Anakha feels responsible to control its supply chain partners with the best practices and is taking steps to reduce its impact on the planet at every step of the product’s journey to improve sustainability in the fabric and apparel industry.

Stepping into Anakha is like entering a time portal, re-emerging on the set of Indochine and welcomed as a guest in a historical house, a private mansion which open its doors.

The delicate clothes are floating in the house awakened by the fans.

The bed is made up of fine linen sheets, a duvet cover, sumptuous pillows with a rug and a delicate robe on top as if they were waiting for someone to emerge from his shower. The table is set with home linen, exclusive celadon ceramic tableware, cutlery buffalo horn and silver accessories.

Anakha is waiting for you to share privileged intimate moments. The dream of meeting a genuine Indochinese house and its guests has just been recreated for you. Sit down in one of the chairs and pretend for a moment that this is your villa, that these are your clothes and that you are a part of its history and its journey.